Onward 2028: Join the Movement

The Onward 2028 five-year strategic plan supports Onward NRV’s mission to attract and retain world-class jobs, investment, and talent in Virginia’s New River Valley. It is a roadmap for new business attraction, talent retention and attraction, and ensuring the New River Valley remains a competitive destination for business and people. In addition, the strategic plan outlines strategies for Onward to lead collaboration across the region, sparking innovation and cross-pollination ideas.

Onward 2028 Five-Year Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Attract and retain talent to support regional growth.

  • Retain graduates & program completers
  • Promote in-demand careers
  • Encourage quality-of-life enhancements
  • Promote best practice program scaling
  • Highlight impact of housing & childcare

Goal 3: Market the NRV as a competitive destination for talent and companies.

  • Cultivate the NRV regional brand
  • Promote regional business advantages
  • Promote the livability story of the NRV

Goal 2: Attract and grow business to stimulate new jobs and investment.

  • Cultivate new business investment
  • Support existing competitiveness
  • Advocate for ready-to-go sites and buildings
  • Promote FTZ #238

Goal 4: Strengthen the connectedness of the region.

  • Identify economic development funding sources
  • Lead regional collaboration and thought leadership
  • Lead multi-regional collaboration

Consider Joining the Movement along with the growing list of businesses and organizations that support the economic growth of Virginia’s New River Valley through the Onward 2028 strategic plan.

Onward 2028 Investor Honor Roll

To schedule a meeting or receive additional information about making an investment in Onward 2028, please contact:

Katie Boswell, Executive Director


(540) 267-0007

Samantha Livesay, Director of Business Engagement


(540) 267-0007