Onward 2023

Onward 2023 Strategic Plan Goal 3: Placemaking

Onward NRV is committed to creating strategic growth in Virginia’s New River Valley. That’s why we’re proud to be fundraising for such an important plan.

The new five year strategic plan has the potential to make serious impact on the NRV. Each goal takes a modern, comprehensive approach to economic development that focuses on (1) Industry, (2) Talent, (3) Placemaking, and (4) Regionalism.

The third goal is to cultivate regional assets and the Virginia’s New River Valley brand to foster economic vitality in the NRV.

Onward will support this goal with the following strategies:

  • Continue developing the Virginia’s New River Valley brand to encourage community engagement and foster regional identity by developing a regional video and relevant content marketing strategies.
  • Be an advocate for investment in quality of place assets by generating new information and tools and sharing best practices throughout the region.
  • Ensure the NRV has business-ready sites and buildings by encouraging assessment of sites, marketing ready properties, and track prospect trends.
  • The progress we’ve made with the fundraising campaign is impressive, but we still need your commitment. Your investment in Onward New River Valley helps execute each goal of the new plan.

    Please consider supporting this important strategy for smart growth in our region. We’re asking you to join the Movement.

    For more information, contact James Cabler, Investor Relations & Operations Manager.


    Virginia’s New River Valley: Virginia’s New River Valley is an eclectic mix of interconnected small towns that each offer their own unique vibe and appeal. The region provides an abundance of cultural and social offerings due to the presence of three world-class universities, while retaining the charm and benefits of small town living. The NRV is home to a diverse and innovative business community with companies that range from high-tech startups to foreign-based corporations to specialty agribusiness. These organizations benefit from the collaborative spirit of our region and a loyal, highly-skilled, and educated workforce. The scenic beauty of the region also fosters a deep connection to nature, which is deepened by access to outdoor recreation and the preservation of our natural environment. It’s clear why Virginia’s New River Valley is “A Natural Fit.”

    Onward NRV: Onward NRV is a public/private, regional economic development organization whose mission is to attract and retain world class jobs, investment, and talent in Virginia’s New River Valley. It’s also a movement where leaders from business, government, and higher education work together to promote the economic vitality of the region.

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