Onward NRV Welcomes Brooke Love

NEW RIVER VALLEY, VA – Meet the newest member of the Onward team, Office Manager Brooke Love.

Brooke Love

Originally from Carroll County, VA, Brooke moved to the NRV in 2011 and currently resides in Radford City with her two children. As a current graduate student and an alumna of Radford University, Brooke graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and is now pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in Design Thinking.

As Office Manager, Brooke is our team’s organizer, responsible for maintaining the working order in the Onward NRV office.

In her free time, Brooke enjoys traveling with her family, listening to audio-books, and enjoying the wide variety of recreational activities available in Virginia’s New River Valley, including hiking, biking, and paddleboarding.

Thanks for joining us in welcoming Brooke to the Onward NRV team!

Onward NRV: Onward NRV is a public/private, regional economic development organization whose mission is to attract and retain world-class jobs, investment, and talent in Virginia’s New River Valley. It’s also a movement where leaders from business, government, and higher education work together to promote the economic vitality of the region.

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